Free Copy and Scanning Services

During these difficult times, we as a community need to band together to help each other out. Ballpark Printing is using our resources and services to help our local community. We are offering free printing, copy, and scanning services to people who really need it. We know full well that ink in at home printers can be very expensive, or you may not have a printer to handle the workload you may need. Or maybe you just don’t have enough printer paper. We are here to help!

FREE Student Learning Packet Printing

Through their Facebook page, we learned that RUSD is no longer handing out pre-printed student learning packets. Some of them may be a LOT of pages. If you were not able to get yours for your child, Ballpark Printing will print these for you. 

Unemployment Forms

Through Facebook and word of mouth, we have seen that many of our friends all over the U.S. are being laid off of work. We feel for you, especially at a time like this. We are more than happy to print any paperwork you may need in order to apply for unemployment. Also, we will either make copies, or scan and email this paperwork to you for your personal records.  

Utility Paperwork

If you need to print paperwork for your utilities, we will be more than happy to print this for you. 

All Other Paperwork

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what kind of paperwork you need to have printed. If it pertains to your child, or taking care of your family; Ballpark Printing has you covered. Simply contact us and we will help.

FREE Delivery

We know that many of you don’t want to go out, or simply cannot for whatever reason. Ballpark Printing will take one for the team and deliver this paperwork to you 100% FREE of charge. 

Contact Us

At the moment, Ballpark Printing is open by appointment only. In order to get this paperwork printed and to you, please contact us by using the following information. 

Office: 760-440-0566 (If no answer, please text or email).

Text: 760-440-0560


Coming up in 2020

Ballpark Printing & Graphics has a lot going on and we are growing. Since we are growing and expanding, we have some things coming up in 2020. Below are some of the great things we have coming up for our great customers in 2020. 

Open By Appointment Only

Due to our workload and installation services, we are making our storefront OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Honestly, most of our sales come over to us by phone or email anyways. You will still get the same great service as before. But now if you need to come into our offices, we will require an appointment to do so. We can also come to you to discuss your printing needs. Simply contact us to make your appointment by CLICKING HERE. 

New Online Store

As many of you know, we have worked diligently on our online ordering system. Coming up in the first month of 2020, Ballpark Printing it updating our online store to make it easier for our customers to order online, upload your own designs, and pay your invoices all within your account. Within your account you will see…

  • Your own Account
  • Easier Online Purchasing
  • Easier Online Payments
  • Easy Reordering of past jobs
  • See the Process and work stage of your order
  • All of your approved print proofs
  • All of your invoices
  • All of your quotes
  • Approve sales orders, quotes, and proofs.

We are really excited about our new online store and account system. We think you will love it too. Keep checking back with our email newsletter for more information and when this will take place. 

Notary Services

Coming up in 2020, Ballpark Printing will start offering Notary services both in house and mobile. We will be able to handle all of your signing services for individuals and businesses. Keep checking back for updates on this service.

Innovative Copy and Scanning Services

You need copies and scanning, and Ballpark Printing & Graphics has you covered. We know that it always isn’t possible for you to come into our offices to make your copies and scan your documents. Ballpark Printing will now pick up and drop off your copies for you; right to your door step. 

If your documents are in PDF file format, you will be able to order online, upload your document; and we will have it delivered to you the same business day. 

Customer Spotlight

Right here on our website and within our news section, we are starting the new CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT articles. We work with such great customers and appreciate your business, that we want to spotlight you and your business to the world. Coming soon, you will see some of our customers being in our email newsletter and right here on Ballpark Printing. 

There’s going to be a lot more coming to you in 2020 from Ballpark Printing. Keep up to date with what is going on and the services we offer by joining our email newsletter. 

Until then, we hope you have had a great holiday season and New Year. 

—Ballpark Printing