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Free Copy and Scanning Services

During these difficult times, we as a community need to band together to help each other out. Ballpark Printing is using our resources and services to help our local community. We are offering free printing, copy, and scanning services to people who really need it. We know full well that ink in at home printers can be very expensive, or you may not have a printer to handle the workload you may need. Or maybe you just don’t have enough printer paper. We are here to help!

FREE Student Learning Packet Printing

Through their Facebook page, we learned that RUSD is no longer handing out pre-printed student learning packets. Some of them may be a LOT of pages. If you were not able to get yours for your child, Ballpark Printing will print these for you. 

Unemployment Forms

Through Facebook and word of mouth, we have seen that many of our friends all over the U.S. are being laid off of work. We feel for you, especially at a time like this. We are more than happy to print any paperwork you may need in order to apply for unemployment. Also, we will either make copies, or scan and email this paperwork to you for your personal records.  

Utility Paperwork

If you need to print paperwork for your utilities, we will be more than happy to print this for you. 

All Other Paperwork

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what kind of paperwork you need to have printed. If it pertains to your child, or taking care of your family; Ballpark Printing has you covered. Simply contact us and we will help.

FREE Delivery

We know that many of you don’t want to go out, or simply cannot for whatever reason. Ballpark Printing will take one for the team and deliver this paperwork to you 100% FREE of charge. 

Contact Us

At the moment, Ballpark Printing is open by appointment only. In order to get this paperwork printed and to you, please contact us by using the following information. 

Office: 760-440-0566 (If no answer, please text or email).

Text: 760-440-0560

Email: Info@BallparkPrinting.com

Sports League Printing

Ballpark Printing specializes in Sports League Printing. We love working with recreational and professional sports leagues all over the United States. We provide services such as banners, uniforms, and much more. 

Recreational Sports can benefit from reduced pricing on our banners, home plate banners, pennants; and sponsorship banners. We also provide services like putting names and numbers on jerseys and hats.

Ballpark Printing includes custom design on your banners and pennants. You receive proofs to insure everything is spelled correctly and your banners are exactly to your specifications. After proof approval, we have a 3 day production time to receive your orders.

Names and numbers are done in house at Ballpark Printing. Jersey names and numbers has a lead time of up to 2 days, shorter depending on work load at time of order.

All of our items for recreational sports include FREE shipping or delivery. 

Ballpark Printing Gives Back

Are you on a board of directors for your sports league? Ballpark Printing wants to talk to you. We have a special program that can give back to your sports organization. 

By using Ballpark Printing for your promotional material and signs, Ballpark Printing will give 10% of every order we receive from your organization; back to your sports league.

Contact a customer service representative for more information and to sign up for this program.

New Online Shopping Coming Soon

New Online Shopping Coming Soon!

Lately we have been working really hard to bring you a new and easier way to shop with us online. With our new online shopping center, you will have the ability to do a lot more than what you have been able to. 

Our new online shopping center will give you the ability to make your purchases online, and if you have an account with Ballpark Printing, you will have the ability to be billed according to your billing terms and conditions. Plus, you will be able to see the status of your orders, all of your print proofs, invoices, quotes, sales orders; and more!

Stay tuned while we get everything set up and ready. If you have a billing account with us, we will be sending you your own personal login and password. 

Thanks for choosing Ballpark Printing & Graphics!

Introducing Web Stores

Ballpark Printing is excited to introduce WEB STORES for companies and organizations that have special pricing and a higher volume of printing needs. 

What is a WEB STORE?

A WEB STORE is slightly different than our regular online shopping experience. In our normal online shopping store, you will see almost everything that we sell. But by having your own WEB STORE, you will see ONLY the things that we have set up for you and the things that you purchase on a regular basis. This is great for businesses and organizations that have special pricing, or order certain things only. 

Your WEB STORE will be right here on the Ballpark Printing website with your own link to your WEB STORE. For instance, the link to your website could be www.BallparkPrinting.com/YourBusinessName. It makes things really easy for organizations and businesses to place their orders in no time. 

For Businesses

Let’s say you are a real estate company with some realtors under your belt who work for you. Your real estate company has standard designs that you use for your company. In your WEB STORE, you can have THAT sign (design and all), for your employees to purchase. 

Let’s also say that each employee has their own business cards and needs to purchase more. Again you can have THAT persons business card in your WEB STORE for the employee to purchase. 

We can also implement things like sign setting, riders, brochures; and more. Our WEB STORES are meant to make things much easier on the company and your employees. 

Recreational Sports

Now lets say you are a recreational sports organization (which we absolutely love). In most cases parents, volunteers, coaches; etc. pay for things out of their own pocket. We negotiate special pricing for things such as team banners, pennants, garments, stickers; and more.

By creating a WEB STORE with Ballpark Printing, you can have all those things in your WEB STORE for parents to easily order from and at the price we have negotiated. That way your team parents aren’t searching all over the internet trying to find the cheapest price for the items their team needs. 

Also with recreational sports organizations, we will put a portion of every sale from your online store back into your organization. It’s a WIN-WIN for everybody.

Online Portals

If your business or organization is on payment terms with Ballpark Printing, we can implement an online portal for you and your employees. 

With our online portal, each person of your choosing will have their own login and password to place orders. When an order needs to be placed, they will simply login, place their order without a credit card; and that’s that. 

Once an online order is placed, you will receive an email from us stating that your Sales Order has been received and we are working on it.

Within your online portal you will be able to see things like your quotes, online orders, sales orders, invoices; etc. One of the best things about our online portal system is that you will also be able to see all your proofs (approved or rejected), and also the job status. You will see what stage your order is in whether is be design, printing, cutting; or completed. 

You will be able to pay each individual sales order or invoice from within your online account; or have Ballpark Printing send you your invoices for your accounting purposes. 

We really have taken our customers into account with developing this system to make things easier on the end user.

Let's Get Started

In order to get started on your own WEB STORE and account portal, simply contact one of our sales representatives. Give us a call at 760-440-0560 or email us at Info@BallparkPrinting.com